How to quickly close a bank account?

Most of us have at least one bank account . Sometimes we set up more than one account because we want money from different sources to have different bank accounts. Sometimes, we also give up one account for another, in order to take advantage of the better conditions proposed by another bank. Sometimes the effect is that we have several accounts, most of which are not used, and only generate unnecessary additional costs.

It is worth knowing how to close a bank account you no longer need quickly and efficiently.


Closing an online account – unfortunately not everywhere

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Unfortunately, not every bank will be able to close the account easily, via the Internet. The easiest way is to set up an online bank account . Banks do not make obstacles here. Unfortunately, canceling the account requires a personal appearance in a bank branch, or sending a letter by post.

Sometimes the signature on the document in the bank when setting up the account differs from the current one. Then we have to go to the bank or to a notary public and send a letter in the form of a notarial deed.

Most banks, however, prefer to close their account in a bank branch in person. That is why you have to go to the bank and complete the relevant letter.


Other ways to close your bank account

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Some banks allow you to cancel your account, for example, by sending a scan of the document with your own signature. Sometimes it happens that banks allow you to resign via the hotline.


Where can we find information on how to close a given account?

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Most often, this type of information is contained in the regulations received by the customer when signing the bank account agreement.

However, the fastest way is to ask at the bank’s outlet. Regulations are subject to change, and customers usually have accounts for several or several years. That is why it is worth asking a bank employee. This can be done via email, helpline, chat, etc.


What is worth remembering when closing a bank account?

What is worth remembering when closing a bank account?

If you want to close your bank account, you must remember to provide your identification data, such as PESEL, the account number you want to cancel. We can provide the number of another account to which we want to transfer the remaining funds. You must remember to submit your own signature in writing regarding the cancellation of the invoice.

In addition, we must remember that in most cases there is a one month notice period.

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