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During the months, we made many payments. Light, car, water, cellular, school, college, among some others. And one of them should be directed to the DPVAT Insurance , the compulsory insurance for vehicle owners in Brazil . In 2019, it began to be charged now in January already.

But, wait, what is DPVAT Insurance? The acronym comes from Personal Injury Insurance Caused by Land Vehicle Automotive . And it is mandatory according to Decree-Law No. 73, of November 1966, regulating all insurance and reinsurance operations.

In the case, this insurance guarantees indemnification for victims of accidents caused by automobiles . It covers cases of accidents involving death and permanent disability. In addition to also guarantee reimbursement in cases of medical and supplementary expenses.

Currently, the DPVAT Insurance is the Leader Insurer . And if you take private insurance, you also need to pay DPVAT and keep up with it. This is because it is one of the requirements to obtain the annual licensing. Luckily, 2019 started with it up 79% cheaper than last year .

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How much does it cost and how to pay?

How much does it cost and how to pay?

Due to the excess of accumulated resources , this year the value fell, as said. Therefore, this year, the values ​​vary between R $ 12 and R $ 80.11.

  • Private car rentals and taxis / rental cars: R $ 12
  • Trucks, Tire Tractors with Attached Trailers, Trailers and Semi-trailers, Earthmoving Machines: US $ 4.99
  • Mopeds: R $ 15,43
  • Micro-buses (with and without freight charges) – but with a capacity not exceeding 10 passengers – buses and freight charges: R $ 20,84
  • Bus, micro-bus and freight collection: R $ 33,61
  • Motorcycles & Scooters: R $ 80,11

Drivers need to issue the payment guide from the Leader website . And we must be attentive due to the changes. Previously, the value of DPVAT came from the IPVA payment guide. But currently the tickets are no longer shipped and each driver needs to take care of the issue.

There is no discount or payment in installments. And be aware of your insurance because each state has a different due date . This information you can also see on the Leader website.


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